Clean your kid's potty in a few simple steps

Your child's potty is a place where he/she takes care of business. Your child's potty is also something that needs to be cleaned frequently. It's important that it's thoroughly cleaned to prevent funky odors and the spread of harmful bacteria. Here are four steps to cleaning your kid's potty:

1. Eliminate potty contents: Empty the results of your kid's business in your toilet. Make sure that your pour everything (urine, feces) in the toilet then flush the toilet.

2. Clean its insides thoroughly: Effectively wipe down all remaining bits and pieces with a paper towel or toilet paper. Use sanitizing wipes with anti-bacterial properties to clean the inside of the potty. It's worth your time to wipe down your kid's potty 2-3 times with sanitizing wipes.

3. Clean its outsides thoroughly: Just because your kid's aim is getting better doesn't mean there was no splashing or fecal matter on the outside of your kid's potty. This step can also be taken care of with sanitizing wipes.

It's just three steps to clean your potty and should only take 3-4 minutes!

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