Cheap potty training incentives for those warm months

Staying cool is the name of the game when it's warm outside. It's also a good idea to find ways to keep your child motivated when he/she is making the transition from diapers to big kid underwear. Here are several cheap potty training incentives your kid will appreciate on those warm days:

1. Run through sprinklers: Can you say cheap? Running through sprinklers is a fun, easy way to keep your kiddo cool and entertained during the warm months. Don't forget to have your kid wear his/her swimsuit!

2. Catch butterflies: Grab a nice, flowing net to chase butterflies in your neighborhood. It'll help your little one use up excess energy and be ready for nap time. Butterfly catching is also a great opportunity to get some fresh air and learn more about the world around you.

3. Water balloon fight: Who doesn't enjoy a good water balloon fight? Putting together an awesome water balloon fight takes some planning and you'll need to invite some kids from the neighborhood. The work and time will be worth it when your kid has had at least two weeks of accident-free potty training.

4. Ice pops: A chill, sweet treat, ice pops are a great way to keep your kid motivated when making the transition from diapers to regular underwear. Depending your best judgment, ice pops can be a great reward each day your child is accident-free. Don't be afraid to reward successful behavior.

5. Blow bubbles: If you don't want to buy bubbles from the store, you can make your own. Your kid will enjoy making bubbles and watching the bubbles float in the air. Blowing bubbles don't require a great deal of energy if it's you're wanting to do something chill with your potty training kid.

6. Bike ride: If your kiddo already has a bike, this is a cost-effective incentive. Go to a park nearby or go to the local beach to get a change of scenery from the usual riding around the driveway. Remember to bring a bottle of water for every hour you're outside to stay hydrated. Don't forget to put on a helmet!

Now that you've read through six different potty training incentives we've listed for you, which incentive are you going to use this week? Share with us in the comments below!

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