Celebrate if these three things are happening with your potty training kid

Potty training can be a time period of things going wrong but how about celebrating the things that are going well? When potty training gets stressful, it can be easy to miss the positive moments and little successes your kiddo is having. Here are three things you should celebrate if these three things are happening with your potty training kid:

1. Wearing regular underwear all day: If your kid is beyond going commando everyday, celebrate! One of the goals of potty training is to get your kid out of diapers and into regular underwear. It's a success if your kid is wearing regular underwear!

2. Holding it in during a car ride: Have your car rides been accident free? Celebrate it with incentives and maybe even a treat for yourself! Your child being able to hold it in during a car ride is progress. This means you don't have to clean up poop or pee from your car.

3. Waking up dry: Ending bedwetting can be quite the trial for some kids who are being potty trained. It can be frustrating having to clean bedsheets and mattresses. If your kid is waking up dry then celebrate it!

What little moments are you remembering to celebrate when they happen? Share with us in the comments below!

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