Bathroom etiquette your potty training kid needs to know

Bathroom etiquette is a must-know for your potty training kid as he/she makes the transition from diapers to regular underwear. Teaching your child bathroom etiquette will help him your child fit in socially and not be singled out for having unusual bathroom habits. Here are four bathroom etiquette tips your potty training kid needs to know:

  • Close the door: Privacy and protecting the innocent is probably the top benefits from teaching your potty training kid to close the door when using the bathroom. It will also help your kid be safe from anyone with bad intentions. Closing the door helps contain any gross odors from spreading to areas outside of the bathroom.
  • Personal space: This is a principle that not every human being on earth has learned thus reducing the opportunities such human beings have to make friends. Personal space is an important skill to learn especially in the bathroom. One rule of thumb to follow is that if you're in arm's reach of someone, you're too close. It's a rule of thumb you can practice with your kiddo.
  • Flush the toilet: After taking care of business, teach your kid to flush the toilet. Follow up after each flush to make sure all of the evidence was flushed down the toilet. This practice will also help contain any gross odors in the bathroom much like closing the door does.
  • Clean up after yourself: Another way for your child to prove he/she is bathroom-cultured is by cleaning up after himself/herself. Ways for your kid to clean up is by making sure no clothing items or personal items like glasses were left behind. If your kid used paper towels to dry his/her hands after washing them, help your kid to get in the habit of throwing the used paper towels away in the garbage can.

Are there any excellent bathroom etiquette tips we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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