Turn potty training into a target practice game for your son

Is your son bored or not interested at all in your attempts to get him to pee in the potty?

Turn his daily potty training into target practice! Chances are, your son loves to play games so try putting three to five Cheerios in the toilet bowl.

You can create a point system to track his progress. For example, each Cheerio can be worth a single point. As your son reaches new milestones such as five points and ten points, you can use a sticker chart to help him understand whether or not he is getting better.

After some practice, your son will be able to consistently get his pee in the bowl resulting in less clean ups on your part!

To increase his motivation, try incentives like a sticker chart or a rewards bag. Other rewards include:

  • Big kid undies: You can have your child pick out boxers or briefs with his favorite colors and designs.
  • Customized potty: Give your energetic toddler the chance to decorate his own plastic potty.
  • Crazy door hanger: Just like the door hangers at hotels where you let room service know when you don't want to be disturbed, have your child create his own door hanger.

Have fun with your rewards!

What's your son's level of accuracy?

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