3 ways to make potty training easy this fall

A change in the seasons doesn't mean the overall objective of transitioning your kid from diapers to regular underwear. Potty training can be made easier this fall by following a few effective pointers. Here are potty training tips that will make it a success for you and your potty training kid as the leaves change colors:

Use all-natural air fresheners: Potty training can be a smelly journey when accidents happen. There are different options you can turn to such as baking soda, orange peels and essential oils.

You can put baking soda to work for you by adding three teaspoons of baking soda inside of your child's potty after cleaning it. Baking soda helps neutralize unwanted odors.

Orange peels (no flesh portion left) can be used by placing them in your kid's potty overnight. The citrus oils from the orange peels do all the work for you and will produce a fresh smell beating out any nasty odors.

Essential oils may be the best option if you're not in the mood for baking soda or orange peels. 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oils in your child's potty training after pee or poop is effective in ending smelly odors. Reliable options include peppermint and lavender essential oils.

Hydration is key: Yes, the overall temperature has cooled compared to the heat of summer time but it's still a great health choice to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water will help your kid avoid the common cold and heat stroke. It's important that your potty training kid is using the bathroom at least once every 60-70 minutes. If your kid isn't going enough times in a day, increase your child's water intake. Fresh fruit such as watermelon and apples can also help with hydration.

Extra pair of underwear and shorts: Accidents can still happen despite your kid being accident-free so far in his/her journey to be free from diapers. Always keep an extra pair of underwear and shorts on hand whether it's in your car or in the suitcase when you're on the road visiting grandma. It may not be a bad idea to keep your backup in a gallon ziploc bag that way you can put the dirty clothes in the gallon ziploc bag after your kid changes.

How will you make potty training easier this fall? Share with us in the comments below!

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