3 Things to keep in mind when potty training your son

Potty training your son will require a different approach from potty training your daughter. While we will fulfill our end to light up the way, you’ll need to keep three things in mind when potty training your son.

1. Don’t rush his potty training

Remember that not all children have the same timeline when potty training. Be patient with your son as girls are typically potty trained faster than boys. Rushing your son’s training can increase stress resulting in a delay of leaving the diaper phase.

2. Help your son be comfortable with going to the bathroom

Whether you sing him a song or place stickers on a his child potty, find ways to help your son relax while taking care of number one or number two. Maybe even bring in his favorite action figure and use it to demonstrate how to sit on the potty. If he's afraid to go in the dark, be sure to have your IllumiBowl set up to light his way.

Help him be familiar with sitting down, but don’t try to pressure or force him in any way to use the potty. You don’t want him to resent you in the process of becoming familiar with taking care of business in the right place at the right time.

3. Sitting comes before standing

Help your son be comfortable with sitting on the potty first. As you know, poop and pee tend to happen in the same visit to the bathroom so helping your son be used to sitting first will be the most logical approach to potty training him.

Once your son consistently sits down while visiting the potty, you can help him practice standing while peeing. Remember to be patient while he works on his aim. Like all things that matter, it’ll take some time!

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