3 Tips for potty training

Do you have the apple of your eye running around dropping presents around the house whether it’s number one or number two?

Here are three tips you might find helpful when potty training your child:

1. Naked time: Yep, we said the word ‘naked.’ It’ll give your child a sense of freedom. If you’re not comfortable with complete naked time than just let your kid run around in a t-shirt.

Without the convenience of shorts or a diaper, your child will not need to do something about his or her potty business. It’ll assist you in helping your child understand that his or her little deposits need to be taken care of in the toilet.

2. Schedule potty breaks: Finding a system whether it’s every half hour or every hour may be what your child needs to be successfully potty trained.

Pay attention to how often your child actually urinates or defecates during the scheduled visits and adjust accordingly.

3. Try rewards: When your child does a great job of making it to the “potty” on time, use positive reinforcement.

You could try a trip to the ice cream store or colorful stickers when your child successfully stays clean in regular underwear for a day or lets you know when he or she needs to make a trip to the bathroom.

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