5 common potty training problems

As you may already know, potty training is not without its problems. Here are five common potty training problems that comes with the journey of transitioning your kid from diapers to regular underwear:

  • Paying attention: Focusing on the task at hand can be difficult for your little one. Try to make potty training as simple as possible. Simplicity is key when helping your kid become more independent.
  • Playing with poop: It's gross but it happens. When this happens, wash your child's hands thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Find a way to reward your child when he/she doesn't play with feces if this gross activity is a habit.
  • Accidents in bed: Bedwetting can happen for many different reasons. Some of the reasons include drinking too much water within an hour of going to bed or nightmares. Here's how to clean up after your child's bedwetting.
  • Fear of the toilet: The sound of a toilet flushing can be frightening. One way to help your kid be more comfortable with the toilet is by being in the bathroom with your kid as your kid takes care of business. You can show your kid how to flush and even how the lid and seat works.
  • Insists on wearing diapers: This problem is a tricky one since one of your main goals is getting your kid into regular underwear. Use incentives to reward your kid for staying in regular underwear throughout the day.

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