3 Potty training incentives for your sports loving kiddo

Is your potty training kiddo a lover of sports? Here are three potty training incentives perfect for sports loving toddler:

A new ball

If your potty training child loves sports that require a ball of some sort, this is a fun incentive. You can decide the frequency of the incentive whether it's 10 successful trips to the bathroom to two weeks of not wetting the bed as the requirement for getting a new soccer ball or a new basketball.

Sports undies

Whether it's underwear with a golf print or basketball print, sports undies are a fun way for your potty training child to stay motivated. Effectively using this incentive will help your kid stay on track in making the transition from diapers to regular underwear.


A fun incentive for all kids. A poster is great incentive if your potty training child has favorite athlete. Whether it's Steph Curry or Ronda Rousey, find a poster that'll keep your kid happy and motivated.

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