3 Potty training incentives for your musical child

Potty training incentives tailored to your kiddo's interests will help your potty training kiddo quickly transition from diapers to normal underwear. Does your kid aspire to be the next Mozart or the next Lady Gaga? Just like a sports-loving child will have sports-centered incentives that will be effective, the same goes for your musical child. Here are three potty training incentives your musical child will love:

1. Percussion instruments: This is definitely a great incentive if you have a little more patience than the average parent for banging and random sounds. As a reward, get your potty training kiddo a percussion instrument such as a tambourine, shaker, or a xylophone. It can be a noisy option as you might have guessed but it's also a good way to get rid of extra energy before nap time.

2. Song time: Does your child love to sing fun children's songs? Celebrate each successful trip to the potty by singing one or two fun children's songs such as the ABC Song or Mary Had A Little Lamb. This incentive does not cost any money and only takes a few minutes before moving on with the day.

3. YouTube video sesh: If your potty training child has a favorite YouTube artist, this a simple incentive. After a successful potty trip, take a couple minutes with your kid to watch a YouTube video of a YouTuber covering a popular song. It's a fun, cost-effective way to reward progress and spend time with your kid.

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