3 helpful potty training blog posts you'll love

Potty training your child if you feel like you're doing it alone with no help or resources. The great news is that you don't have to worry because there are resources to help you. Here are three helpful blog posts that'll make the journey easier:

  1. How to manage the stress of potty training: Whether or not your choose to acknowledge it, stress is present when potty training. It can be difficult for your child to learn new habits. It can be challenging for you to explain potty training in a way that your kid can understand. This blog post will help you manage that stress and channel it toward positive results.
  2. Five things you should always keep a spare nearby when potty training a child: It can be a crappy feeling when you aren't prepared for different potty training situations. This blog post helps you cover as many bases as possible when helping your kiddo make the transition from diapers to regular underwear.
  3. What to do if your child struggles to make progress when potty training: The struggle is real. Stay positive and read this blog post.

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