3 Potty training tips for your little man

If you're the proud parent of a little man who's on the verge of potty training, this blog post is for you. Potty training has the potential to be more rewarding than you think. Here are three tips you'll love and are sure to work! 

1. Pee in an old coffee can

Make some music with the tinkling. This little trick will help with target practice and the sound from a stream of water bouncing around in the metal can will be a fun touch.

2. Clean up together

Part of helping your little guy feel involved and valued is teaching them how to clean up after accidents. It'll emphasize the importance of taking of business properly while reducing total clean-up. Another benefit is that your son will know how to clean up after himself when you're not able to help him whether an accident happens at preschool or at grandma's house.

3. Find ways to chill out

Potty training can be stressful for your son as well. Don't forget that he's trying to learn a new skill which can be tricky at times. If you need to go get soft-serve ice cream or take a walk around the block together, do it. Stay chill and always remember to have fun!

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