Potty training hacks to make life easier for you (even though you're the adult)

Who said adults can't use personalized potty training hacks? We've combined a list of five potty training hacks that'll help you, the adult, be prepared and have a more enjoyable experience. Here are five potty training hacks for you:

1. Put the toilet paper roll on backwards

Installing your toilet paper roll backwards will make it difficult for your kid to run wild with the toilet paper. With a backwards installation, it'll take more effort for your child to pull the toilet paper loose.

2. Keep a plunger on hand

You'll never know ahead of time when your kid will clog up the toilet and prevent proper flushing. Keeping a plunger on hand will help you be prepared when things get stuffy in your porcelain throne.

3. Have your own jar of candy

Who said that adults can't have their own incentives when potty training a child? When your kid does something right, grab a piece of candy for yourself. Don't shortchange your efforts by not celebrating when you've been able to successfully teach your child how to flush the toilet.

4. Use a timer

Timers are a handy-dandy tool for helping you stay on top of your child's bathroom cycle. Whether it's every 30 minutes or every 45 minutes, use a timer to help you get your child used to going to the toilet or plastic potty on a regular schedule. Timers will help you be reminded and not forget that potty training kid requires constant vigilance.

5. Keep hand sanitizer nearby

This is a necessity. Chances are that you're going to handle clean up of pee and poo from time to time. Hand sanitizer will help you clean your hands as well as the hands of your kid.

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