5 Phrases you can use to keep your child calm when potty training

For some kids including your own, potty training can be a frightening or frustrating experience. Staying calm and thoughtfully using your words can often do the trick in helping your child make the transition from diapers to regular underwear. Here are five simple phrases you can use to help your child have a successful potty training experience:

1. What do you need from me?

Offering aid will let you know what your child needs to succeed in potty training. Unless you ask, you may never know that your kid prefers to keep stuffed animal nearby or that your kid needs to eat a quick snack before taking care of number two. Heck, your kid might even need his/her own IllumiBowl!

2. I love you. You're safe.

Love. Chances are that your child's confidence will increase when you tell your kid that you love him/her. Remind him/her that you're there to help and provide any protection if needed.

3. We are a team.

Let your kiddo know you're rooting for him/her! Think about when you were growing up. Doing new things becomes easier when you have a teammate, someone from your squad who has your back.

4. Remember when...

Helping your child remember successful potty training moments will remind him/her of when peeing and pooping went well. Disappointment is normal for young kids who are potty training so always be encouraging.

5. Why do you think this is happening?

Encourage critical thinking when your child encounters potty training problems. By inviting your child to take part in figuring out the solution to potty training struggles, you'll start to streamline your kid's potty training process. Be patient in helping your child reason through what is happening on and off the porcelain throne.

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