Understanding the body language of your potty training child

Body language doesn't have to be a complicated science. When it comes to potty training your child, understanding these basic body signals will help you better understand what your child is thinking. Here are four signals to be aware of when helping your kid make the transition from diapers to big kid underwear:

1. Hands in pocket

If your child has hands in his/her pockets, chances are that nervousness is kicking in. Making your child go to the bathroom with his/her hands in his/her pockets will do more to hinder progress. One way you can prevent this from happening is offering a fun, colorful book to read while your kid is taking care of number two. It'll lead your kid to free up his/her hands and forget how nervous he/she is.

2. Arms folded

Think about the times where an authority figure was talking to you and you folded your arms. With arms folded or crossed in front the chest tends to signify resistance or rebelliousness. You know your child better than us. If your kid needs to be reminded of any incentives you have, don't forget to do so.

3. Holding a toy between you and him/her

Keeping an object in between you two usually means an attempt to create distance and/or hide behind something. One way you can ease your child's fear of using the toilet is walking with your child to the toilet. Chances are that your presence can help your kid feel comfortable. Take time to ask your child what concerns him/her about using the porcelain throne.

4. Scratching backside of head and neck

Uncertainty isn't common for children learning how to take care of number one and number two. If your child is scratching his/her head when you're trying to explain what to do, confidence might a waning. Be patient in explaining how to use the toilet. Asking simple questions will help you understand your kid's concerns as to what's holding your kid back from completing potty training.

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