5 Potty training tips when traveling

Road trips and flights tend to go hand-in-hand with summer so don't be caught unprepared when traveling with your potty training child. Here are five potty training tips when traveling: 

1. Pack extra underwear

This is an absolute must. You don't want to be caught without an extra pair of clean underwear. We recommend keeping an extra set of clean underwear and an extra pair of clean shorts in a clean gallon Ziploc bag. If your potty training kid has an accident, quickly change him/her and put the dirty underwear and soiled shorts in the gallon Ziploc bag. It'll contain the moisture and the odor that comes with pee-stained shorts.

2. Public restrooms can be an interesting experience

Using a public restroom may be a shock to the system for your kid. The possible increase in noise as well as a change in scenery when taking care of business can be intimidating. Talk your kid through the experience if he/she is being shy or struggling to pee. One thing that'll help is keeping hand sanitizer with you reduce germs that can be picked up by your child's little hands.

3. Flexibility leads to success

Changes in plans happen when you're traveling. Be willing to be flexible and handle the changes in plans with ease. Your kid will reflect your level of composure which will affect his/her potty training progress. Stay chill and help your child adjust when needed whether it's pooping in the airport restroom or using your great-grandma's porcelain throne.

4. Don't throw away the diapers

Yes, you read tip #4 correctly. Keep a few diapers on hand in your travel bag to be prepared. Wearing diapers may seem like you're taking a step backwards, but it's not a bad idea if you have a long flight ahead or a drive longer than three hours. Using a diaper will make for easier cleanup if there is an accident because you couldn't get your child to the bathroom in time.

5. Incentives

Don't stop your incentive system just because you're traveling. If your kid is normally rewarded with a dinosaur toy or a piece of chocolate after a successful poop trip, continue your system on the road.

What are your favorite potty training tips? Share them in the comments below!

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