It's ok if these five things don't happen when potty training

Many of us tend to have a checklist in our head of things to do we stress about, but forget that it's ok if a few things don't happen when potty training our child. For example, it's ok if your kid doesn't pee right away upon arrival to the toilet. Here are five things that probably won't happen when potty training your child:

1. Not wearing regular underwear all day

It's ok to go commando. Let your little one run around a bit and get to used to going straight to the bathroom when he/she needs to take care of business. He/she won't have to worry about pulling down his/her underwear and can focus on number one or number two.

2. Not peeing right away

Making the transition from pooping and peeing in diapers to pooping and peeing in the toilet isn't just a physical shift. It's also a psychological shift. When your child was in diapers, he/she could poop and pee anywhere at anytime. Using the toilet or the plastic potty will take some getting used to which is completely normal.

3. Not holding it in during a car ride

Be prepared by using a towel or a liner similar to liners for cats or dogs. Some kids have more motion-sensitive bladders than others. It won't be the end of the world as long as you're prepared.

4. Not sitting normally on the toilet 

Toilet seats can be intimidating to your kid who is potty training. It's not a big deal if your child sits reverse on the seat. Some kids even prefer to sit in a squat which tends to work well when they're pooping. Either, what really matters is whether or not your child is making it to the toilet in time to take care of business.

5. Not waking up wet

If your kid is waking up dry in the mornings, this is great because your child is progressing. Not waking up wet means that your kid is another step closer to being fully potty trained. If your little one is still wetting the bed, here's a helpful tip on how to clean up after the event.

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