Signs your child is ready to potty train
How do you know it's time to potty train your kid? How do you know your child is ready and that your efforts won't be in vain?
While there is no single trick that works for every single child in the world, here are a few tell-tale signs to look for in your child:
  • Is dry when waking up from a nap or nighttime sleep: No dirty or soaking wet diaper when your kid wakes up? This is huge progress for you kid whether you are able to recognize it or not.
  • Diaper is dry for longer periods of time than normal: Dry diapers are a good thing. This means your kid probably has better bladder control.
  • Expresses interest in big kid undies: Is your kid trying to imitate you or big brother at the toilet? Has your child expressed interest in getting out of diapers? This is great because your kiddo is starting the conversation. Potty training is a bit easier when your child is self-motivated to make progress.
  • Dresses self. Is capable of taking off and putting pants/shorts: If your kid can dress himself/herself, this will make your life a lot easier. This level of independence will give you the peace of mind you need when your child goes to the bathroom alone without your assistance. If your kid does not yet dress independently, invest some of your time teaching your kid how to do it. It's worth it.
  • Tells you when diaper is used (wet, dirty etc.): Does your little one let you know when his/her diaper has been used?
  • Wants to be changed immediately after taking care of business in diaper: Being asked to be changed by your child is definitely is step up from before when you were first learning to identify if your child did number one or number two in his/her diaper. This attribute will help you train your child to let you know when he/she has to use the bathroom ahead of time.

Does your kid do at least four of the following listed above? If so, chances are your child is ready for potty training. Comment below and share some of your potty training tips!

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