3 Ways to help your child mentally prepare for potty training

Just as much as sitting on the potty is a physical experience, the journey from diapers to regular underwear is also a mental experience. Investing in your youngster's potty training experience requires planning and preparation in advance.

Here are three pointers to help you mentally prepare your child for potty training:

1. Start the conversation early

Whether it's two weeks before or two months before you plan to start potty training, start talking to your kid early about potty training. Let your youngster know in advance that he/she will be potty trained. Don't be afraid answer your kid's questions and be honest. As much as possible, show rather than tell what will be happening. For example, show how to flush the toilet. Show how to lift the lid on the plastic potty before sitting down. Examples speak volumes to your little one.

2. Potty training success stories

There are books of fictional little kids who successfully made the transition from diapers to big kid undies. Taking a few minutes everyday to share these stories with your child will help him/her gain the confidence that potty training is possible. It also helps your child feel like he/she is not alone in this journey.

Along with fictional stories, have your child spend time with his/her peers who have successfully been potty trained. You'll help your kid have a real-life support system throughout the potty training journey. Your child will have a chance to be exposed to friends who use the toilet or a plastic potty.

3. Be familiar with the toilet

This may sound weird, but have your child spend time sitting on the toilet. Take time to explain how the lever works and show the flushing in action to your kid. Have him/her sit on the toilet at least once a day before starting up potty training. These toilet sessions will be a good time to read a book about potty training.

What types of potty training tips do you suggest we add to our potty training advice arsenal?

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