Potty training emergency response kit

Picture this.

You're at your best friend's place for a play date with her kids and your kids. Everything is going well. You and your best friend are catching up on news and reminiscing the days before the kids came along when something happens. Somehow, in the middle of playing tag in the backyard, your potty training toddler son isn't paying attention and pees in his shorts and big kid undies!

What do you do about it? At IllumiBowl, we figure that being prepared for little emergencies can make the difference between you keeping the party going or having to call it a day. Here's our solution for little emergency situations like this...a potty training emergency response kit:

1. Wipes

Sanitizing wipes will give you the chance to clean up your kid's affected areas from his accident. The sanitizing wipes will do two things for you: Wipe the urine off of your kid and help remove any unpleasant odors.

2. A clean set of underwear and shorts

Get your kid out of his wet shorts and undies and into a clean set of bottom wear. It'll help your kid feel fresh and clean and should enable to him to get back to his game of tag.

3. A gallon Ziploc bag (or a sturdy bag with similar technology)

Yep, you've guessed it. The Ziploc bag is to store your child's peed on undies and shorts till you get home and are able to wash it. The gallon-sized should get the job done of keeping the odors and pee within the bag.

4. Hand sanitizer

After handling your child's business, be sure to use hand sanitizer. It'll help you ensure your hands a fresh and clean to go back to whatever you were doing with your best friend like drinking frappucinos or eating hot dogs. Don't forget to clean your child's hand with hand sanitizer as well.

5. Snack

Discouragement can hold anyone back from making progress regardless of their age. The snack can be anything you want from fruit snacks to a granola bar. Having a snack on hand will help your kid know you still care and that you're rooting for his success!

Do you already have your own potty training emergency response kit? If so, what do you carry with you?

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