Potty training tips: What to do in case of hidden stained undies and more

Every child has his or her share of struggles when potty training. Making the transition from diapers to big kid undies can be difficult as kids find out it can be less convenient to use the potty rather than letting you wipe up the messes. Here are three tips for when things go wrong when potty training your kid:

1. Let your child know you're aware of accidents

Have you discovered stained undies that your potty-training tried to hide out of shame? Don't be afraid to let your kid know you're aware that he/she had accident and that you found the undies under the bed or hidden in the corner. Sometimes it may be because your kid gets a kick out of hiding the evidence. Other times it's probably because your child is embarrassed. Either way, approach the situation with love and patience. Here's what you can say: "I know you had an accident. Just let me know and we'll clean it up together."

It'll show you're aware and you also help your child take ownership of his/her mistakes.

2. Constipation?

The feeling of being clogged up is never a comfortable one. Constipation may be the reason why your kid doesn't want to go to the potty. If you're able to determine your child is constipated, try cranking up the fiber with foods like beans, fruits and vegetables. Whole grain can also assist in the pooping process. If the constipation persists, talk to your doctor.

3. No progress. This isn't happening.

Sometimes you might just need to take a step back from potty training for a week or two. It's ok to take a break for a bit if your kid is fighting you on every attempt to make it to the potty. After a week or two, ask your kid if he/she is ready to start again. On your end, analyze what you can do differently. Add incentives to the mix if you haven't already tried.

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