Why you should consider buying a child-size potty

Part of the struggle of helping your child graduate from diapers and potty training is helping him/her take care of business in the potty. Not all children are ready to jump on the porcelain throne to drop a deuce or let it rip with no shame.

The sheer size alone of the porcelain throne may be intimidating so that's where a child-size stand alone potty can make all of the difference.

Here are a few reasons why a child-size potty can work for you:

  • It's child-size: Think about Goldilocks and her dilemma when trying to find the right bed. Unless your kid and is baby Godzilla, your kid will probably fit perfectly on the child-size potty. Your child won't have to use a step stool and can easily get on to take care of business and off when business is handled. Since a stand alone potty is smaller, going to the bathroom shouldn't be an intimidating experience.
  • You can customize it: Feel free to let your kid place stickers and or write his/her name on the potty. It's not a permanent fixture in your home like the porcelain throne so you can have fun with it. Maybe even name it. You might even be able to attach an IllumiBowl if you kid wants the potty to light up at night.
  • It'll free up the regular toilet: If your little one tends to take his/her sweet time when pooping or peeing, having a child-size potty will help ensure the regular toilet is open for all potty trained residents and guests of your home. While your child in potty training is singing the ABC song and counting the shower tile, you can go and pee without having to wait.

While there are quite a few benefits of buying a stand alone potty, be aware that a stand alone potty means you'll have to clean out any urine or fecal matter produced by your child. 

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