3 Bits of advice to speed up your son's potty training

While some parents believe potty training is most effective when the child determines the start/end date, there are a few potty training bits of advice you can use to speed up your son's progress.

1. Gamify his experience

Turn his daily potty training into target practice! Chances are, your son loves to play games so try putting three to five Cheerios in the toilet bowl.

You can create a point system to track his progress. For example, each Cheerio can be worth a single point. As your son reaches new milestones such as five points and ten points, you can use a sticker chart to help him understand whether or not his aim is improving.

After some practice, your son will be able to consistently get his pee in the bowl resulting in less clean ups on your part!

For more on turning pee time into target practice, read more here.

2. Have a man show him the way

If you're his dad, demonstrate the motions such as standing to pee. It'll help your son see what's required to pee while standing up. Set the example. Show rather than tell when showing him the finer points of peeing.

But don't forget to emphasize that he should sit anytime he is taking care of number two. You don't want any presents left behind on the bathroom rug.

3. Limit beverage intake an hour before bedtime

Consistently waking up in wet bed sheets due to bedwetting is discouraging to your son who is making solid progress during the daytime. By reducing the amount of fluids he drinks an hour before bedtime, it'll help reduce bedwetting incidents. Don't be afraid to wake him to use the bathroom before you go to sleep since you probably jump in bed after him. 


What are some of your tips and tricks for potty training boys?

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