What to consider when potty training your daughter

Helping your daughter make the transition from diapers full-time to fully potty trained and wearing regular underwear can be quite the journey. Since potty training your daughter will have its joys and struggles, being aware of different factors effecting your daughter's progress will be key to your success.

Here are four things to consider when potty training your daughter:

1. Age is not just a number

A good age range to potty train your daughter is between 18-24 months. Girls tend to be ready at a faster than boys, but if your daughter is not ready at 24 months, it's okay to delay her potty training. If she's not expressing interest, don't force her. 

2. Deciding on a small plastic potty or potty seat insert

A small plastic potty or potty seat insert can be the difference maker in your daughter's potty training progress. You may have to test out both options for a few weeks till you know which choice helps her feel the most comfortable. Small plastic pottys and potty seat inserts have their negatives and positives. Don't forget to do your research because you're investing in your daughter for the long-term.

3. Incentives and encouragement

What makes your daughter excited or motivated to do something? If you don't already know what motivates your daughter, do your best to find out. It can be something as simple as 30 minutes at the park after school or a new coloring book. 

Compliment her often. Be the positive reinforcement she needs to know she is making progress.

4. Patience is key

Always remember to be patient throughout the process of potty training your daughter. It can be hard work at times for both you and her as you help make the transition from diapers to undies. That being said, it might be a bad idea for you to have an incentive program for you as well!

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