7 Frustrating things that can go wrong when potty training

You mean well. Your kid means well. At least we think so when it comes to potty training and helping your child make the transition out of diapers.

If you haven't already started potty training your kid, we're giving you a heads up of what could go wrong. If you've already started, maybe you've experienced one or all of these struggles.

1. Your child plays with his/her poop

Yes. This is a real issue for some kids. Some children have a hard time grasping the fact that feces are not something to play off.

2. Your child freaks out in the middle of a bowel movement

Not all children understand early on that a bowel movement is completely normal. Have a chat with your kid and do your best to explain the human digestive system. Be sure to not join your kid and freak out as well.

3. Your child gets upset when you walk him/her to the bathroom

It may be difficult for your little prince or little princess to understand the need to make the trip to go the bathroom when he/she has to poop or pee. The transition from diapers to regular undies can be difficult, but you have what it takes to wean your child off of diapers.

4. Your child will only go to the potty with one person

This can be a good or bad thing. Probably mostly bad, especially if your kiddo is growing up and moving onto preschool. It may take some time, but you should be able to help your child understand that it's ok to make a trip to the potty with a trusted adult.

5. Your child is constipated

If you are feeding your kid a diet low in fiber, he/she will be constipated. Constipation coupled with the learning curve of potty training will be stressful. You can help remedy this by introducing foods with higher fiber content and words of encouragement.

6. Your child asks for a diaper during a bowel movement

Chances are, this is a real problem for you. Don't give your child a diaper during a bowel movement and help him/her make it to the bathroom in time. You may experience a tantrum or two, but this will pass.

7. Your child will only use his/her plastic potty

This struggle may take some time. With consistent coaxing and gentle persuasion, you'll be able to help your kid start using the porcelain throne. Feel free to come up with an incentive plan like awarding your child a treat bag for every ten trips to the toilet bowl.

What struggles are you experiencing that are not listed on this post?

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