3 Tips and tricks to help your pre-schooler end bedwetting

Bedwetting is never fun for both you and child. It means urine-stained sheets, covers and mattress. For some children, bedwetting is the final piece of the puzzle to complete their potty training. Here are three tips and tricks we've gathered to help you end bed wetting:

1. Avoid negative criticism

You're teaching your kid how stop wetting the bed. It's not boot camp or two-a-days for high school football. Remembering to use positive reinforcement will be helpful in helping your child associate potty training with good memories. 

You can figure out over time what the best incentives are for your child whether it be stickers or a trip to the ice cream store.

2. Don't be afraid to wake him/her up half-way through his/her sleep cycle

Young children tend to be deep sleepers. Your son or daughter may not always be aware that he/she has wet himself when dreaming about riding ponies and adventures on pirate ships. If you usually go to bed later than your child's bed time (we're thinking anywhere from 2-5 hours after you kid goes to bed), wake him/her up just before you go to bed and walk him/her to the bathroom for a pee trip.

Following this tip will help your kid relieve any bladder build up and help him/her develop the habit of waking up in the middle of the night to pee.

3. Set goals

Helping your child stop bedwetting will be helpful if you keep track of his/her progress. 

By setting goals, you can help your child understand how consistent he/she is making it to the bathroom. Here are a few examples of goals and rewards you can set with your child:

  • Goal and reward: 3 nights in a row of no bedwetting equals a gold sticker on the calendar.
  • Goal and reward: 5 nights in a row of no bedwetting equals a trip to a local museum.
  • Goal and reward: 10 nights in a row of no bedwetting equals a gold sticker plus a trip to the ice cream store or a new book.
  • Goal and reward: 1 month of no bedwetting equals a new stuffed animal and a trip to the waterpark.

What are your tips and tricks for bedwetting?

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